Secrets, Scandals And Mysteries Of The Washington Monument

Hey, did you know that the Washington Monument is actually a Masonic symbol right out of Baal worship? And that there are 896 steps to the top? 896 might seem like an innocent number, but 896-666 equals 230, and 2+3+0 equals 5, which is the same number of points in a Pentagram. Coincidence? I THINK NOT. Clearly, something is up. Here are a few curious mysteries of the Washington Monument.

It was crafted with freestanding masonry

…that means there’s no cement holding those blocks together. So what keeps it up? Witchcraft? The blood of innocents? Physics? There’s no way of knowing. Because it was built in two distinct phases (before and after the Civil War), the color of the marble changes towards the middle.

There’s stuff buried in the cornerstone

Dan Brown was right about this. Suspicious. Very suspicious. Here’s what they say is buried in the obelisk: A Bible, newspapers, copies of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, maps, reference books, census records, poems, coins, magazines, daguerreotypes (including one of Washington), and other ephemera. Possibly instructions as to how to summon Pazuzu. Maybe a Book of Secrets like in National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets. This is definitely one of the more tantalizing mysteries of the Washington Monument… and it’s one we could solve, provided we find a way to identify, safely retrieve, and open the cornerstone without totally knocking down the monument.

About those weird inscriptions…

A lot of donated stones were incorporated into the monument as well. These donated stones (or bricks made of various material, like the native copper block from Michigan and the petrified wood brick from Arizona) often came inscribed. Some of the more… peculiar inscriptions include the stone brick from Wales, donated by the Welsh people of New York, with “Fy Iaith, Fy Ngwlad, Fy Nghenedl, Cymry am byth (or ‘Our language, our country, our birthplace, Wales forever’) written on it and a stone with inscriptions from famous calligraphers, donated by the Ottoman government. There’s also a brick from the Templars of Honor and Temperance that states, “We will not make, buy, sell, or use as a beverage, any spiritous or malt liquors, Wine, Cider, or any other Alcoholic Liquor.” Ironic given that Washington owned a whiskey distillery after he retired from the Presidency. And that stone from the “State of Deseret”? That was actually what Utah was called before it became a state.

Freemason mysteries of the Washington Monument

Freemasons were present during the dedication ceremony, which involved Masonic rituals, and a Freemason symbolically laid the cornerstone. Robert Mills, who designed it, was a Freemason. 22 of those donated stones were from Masonic lodges. Some allege that Freemasons trace their origins back to ancient Egypt, and the obelisk shape of the monument is definitely inspired by Egyptian design. The designer, Mills, had even originally placed a winged sun, an Egyptian symbol for divinity, above the main door. The winged sun was removed in 1885. But definitely not because anyone was trying to hide anything.