Second Shooter Arrested Day After Las Vegas Massacre: Mainstream Media Blackout

Police have apprehended a second gunman with a car full of machine guns, ammunition, and other deadly weapons just over a day after the Las Vegas massacre.

Law enforcement apprehended 42-year-old Scott Edmisten after he was caught speeding and officers discovered the huge cache of heavy weaponry inside his car.

Edmisten is currently under interrogation by federal agents who are still trying to determine why he had such a huge stash automatic assault rifles in his car and where he was taking them.

Despite the clear connection between this new arrest and the tragic events in Las Vegas, there’s no mention of this shooter’s arrest anywhere in the mainstream media, who are still trying to push the “lone gunman” narrative onto the public.

Deputies found Edmisten in Tennessee carrying a .357-caliber Magnum, a loaded .45-caliber semi-automatic, a .223-caliber fully automatic assault rifle, a .308-caliber fully automatic assault rifle, more than 900 rounds of ammunition, and survival equipment, Washington County Sheriff Ed Graybeal said.

Federal agents say he has refused to cooperate under questioning, but have ruled out a connection to the massacre claiming he was too far away from Las Vegas when they arrested him 32 hours after the shooting attack that saw 59 people killed and hundreds more injured.

If Edminsten has fled the scene immediately after the attack in Las Vegas, he would’ve had more than enough time to reach Tennessee by the time he was arrested.

A quick look on Google Maps reveals that it’s a 26 hours drive from Las Vegas to Tennessee, taking traffic into consideration.This time is based on the assumption that one would be traveling the speed limit, but Edmisten was caught by police because he was speeding, which would reduce his travel time.

Allow time for stops and to sleep and there’s plenty of time.


In any other situation, this arrest would be all over the news, but why is it being covered up, and why is the MSM so desperate to keep pushing the single shooter narrative?

According to WUSA, Sheriff Graybeal asked the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms to help investigate since the automatic weapons aren’t registered and lack serial numbers.

He told The Johnson City Press that Edmisten had apparently modified the AR rifles to make them automatics.”Anytime you have several firearms and several hundred rounds of ammunition in a vehicle, that always causes a concern,” said Michael Knight, an ATF spokesman.

Authorities still haven’t determined why Edmisten was carrying all that firepower, but they “don’t see a connection” to recent mass shootings, Knight said.

The arrest came a day after multiple gunmen killed 59 people and wounded more than 500 in Las Vegas, firing down on a music festival crowd from a high-rise hotel suite.

Some of the 23 guns in Stephen Paddock’s suite were equipped with devices that enable a rifle to fire continuously, like an automatic.

“It’s not connected to any of the other national incidents, but timing obviously was a concern,” Knight said.

Knight said investigators are tracing where Edmisten’s weapons came from. “Our priority is reducing violent crime on the front end, so that’s the other thing we’re looking at, along with motive: Were these items going to be used for a criminal act or were they just being transported from one area to another area?”

Graybeal said Edmisten threatened his arresting officer and lunged toward investigators trying to question him.

He’s jailed without bond on charges of possessing prohibited weapons, speeding, and felony evading arrest.It’s unclear if he has a lawyer.