Second Massive Explosion Strikes China’s Production Heartland In Shandong As Currency Wars Accelerate Toward WWIII

A second, massive explosion has now been recorded in Shandong province, China, just ten days after the Tianjin explosion that killed over 120 people. The Tianjin explosion took place just one day after China devalued its currency by 1.9%, sending financial shock waves across the United States.

Natural News carried the exclusive report of Chinese dissidents saying they believed the Tianjin explosion was an act of war committed by the Pentagon, intended as a “warning shot” against China for engaged in “currency wars” against America.

Since that time, China has devalued its currency even more, and the U.S. stock market has plunged into “bloodbath” territory, with the Dow losing over 1,000 last week alone, wiping out hundreds of billions of dollars in market capitalization virtually overnight.

Apple alone lost $158 billion in stock value virtually overnight, and China’s stock market has been bleeding so much equity that is looks like a 1929 market crash.

The Obama administration announced in 2011 that it would respond to cyber attacks using weapons of conventional warfare.

Earlier today, I published a weapons analysis report detailing how a “Rod of God” Pentagon space weapon could, indeed, deliver a 4-ton TNT equivalent explosion onto almost any land-based target in China (or around the world).

The following photo shows a relatively small “precision munition” artillery shell made by Raytheon and fired 33km away to strike a target with stunning precision:

Now, with the second massive explosion in China’s production heartland, we can be reasonably assured these are not random industrial accidents. They are clearly either acts of war or acts of domestic sabotage aimed at creating chaos in China at precisely the same time currency wars are waging across the world with everything at stake!

Here are photos from this second massive explosion in Shandong, China:

There were TWO explosions at each event

This is not a coincidence! In both of these reported explosions — Tianjin and Shandong — there were actually TWO explosions that took place.

First, a smaller explosion set off fires, then those fires spread to larger storage facilities, setting off much larger chemical explosions.

At Tianjin, the first explosion was estimated at 3 tons of TNT equivalent, with the secondary (chemical) explosion at 21 tons.

The Shandong explosion hasn’t yet been rated in terms of TNT, but USA Today’s article on the event says, “Big plumes of smoke and a raging fire could be seen in photographs posted by the government, which said that 150 firefighters were battling the blaze.”

Speculation over escalating covert attacks across Russia, China and the USA

Many people are speculating that these attacks are part of an accelerating cyber war / currency war / kinetic war leading up to World War III.

From The Big Wobble:

Now in the space of one month, four enormous explosions have happened in Russia and China, one of the explosions in China was so huge the Chinese government had to seed the clouds to put the fire out!

Just today an apparent crack in an underwater pipeline in Moscow created a massive fire which sent a pillar of smoke hundreds of meters into the air.

A massive fire erupted on the Moscow River in southeastern Moscow, not far from the site of an oil refinery on Tuesday, creating a gigantic column of smoke seen as far as Red Square, some 15 kilometers away.

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