Scottish Family Offers $64K Salary For New Nanny At Haunted House After Five Quit Because of Spooky Events

A family from the Scottish Borders is now so desperate to be able to get a nanny to remain in their employment that they are now offering to pay out a salary of £50,000. The last five nannies that they have had looking after their children have quit their position after reporting supernatural goings on in the home.


To earn the £50,000 salary the nanny would need to be able to look after the two children of the couple, who are aged five and seven and be required to sleep in the home for four nights out of the week. Another requirement that has not been stated out loud is they would have to be willing to put up with any potential hauntings. The family put the advert for the job on childcare. Co. Uk and the family said that they had purchased their home in the Scottish Borders almost one decade ago. They went on to say that they had been told that the place was haunted, but they had not experienced anything classed as supernatural themselves.


They did say that they had employed five nannies in the past and all of them had said that they saw strange things in the home, including furniture having been moved, glass breaking and strange noises. The advert on the website said that they had not personally experienced anything of a supernatural nature as the strange happenings have only been reported when they were out of the house. It went on to say that they would be happy to pay above the asking fee of the typical nanny to find the right person. The nanny job comes with a room which has its own en-suite bathroom, a private kitchen, and 28 days of holiday a year. The advert for the job also goes on to say that the couple who are looking for the nanny are busy professionals and as such, there is going to be times when the nanny would be the only person in charge.


They said that they want to find the perfect nanny for the long term and anyone who would like to be considered for the job, which is exciting and rewarding, should get in touch with them. The CEO and founder of childcare. Co. Uk said that they had seen the advert and they were stunned, to say the least. The founder said that at first some of the people at the headquarters had been skeptical, but upon talking to the family along with previous nannies, they had come to find out that the position was genuine. He went on to say that they had found some weird and wonderful nannies for families but that the couple’s story was the strangest and most interesting that they had heard. He said that the family had told him that no harm would come to anyone who was living on the property, but said that the nanny would need to have a disposition that is strong.