Scientists Take A Closer Look Inside Jesus’ Sacred Tomb – Here’s What Was Just Discovered

Jesus’ tomb was found centuries ago, but when conservationists recently began a restoration process – it revealed something that shocked even them… It has been considered the tomb of Jesus Christ himself all of this time, so it only made sense that it has been left untouched. Sacred pieces of history will often be explored by instruments and further research, but this tomb was never fully examined by human hands. What instruments did not detect is what the conservationists found underneath an outer layer of marble. They never anticipated to make such an incredible discovery!

The tomb was not only examined recently, but since the more recent revelation of what they uncovered, it is now able to be viewed for the first time. No images were previously captured – whether by camera, sketch, or anything else. With time, things have certainly changed. Now everyone knows what the conservationists found, and crowds are drawing near to see it for themselves before the restoration of the tomb comes to an end.

With the restoration process happening, it has become exciting for many people to know that it is being taken care of so well. The National Geographic Society, along with the National Technical University of Athens are now making sure that the cultural heritage is preserved. To find out about the conservationist’s amazing discovery, watch the video below!