Scientists Invent Nanotechnology That Connects Your Brain To Your Computer


A new science fiction technology has just been invented that will allow you to wirelessly interface with your computer straight from your brain.

“In the Culture novels by Iain M. Banks, futuristic post-humans install devices on their brains called a “neural lace.” A mesh that grows with your brain, it’s essentially a wireless brain-computer interface. But it’s also a way to program your neurons to release certain chemicals with a thought. And now, there’s a neural lace prototype in real life.” –gizmodo

Recently published in the Nature Nanotechnology was a group of engineers and chemists that got together to work on a new ultra-fine mesh nanotechnology that can merge into your brain.  This connection appears to be a seamless interface between biological circuitry and machine.

The device known as “mesh electronics,” is so thin and flexible that it is able to be injected with a needle.  The scientists have already tested the new tech on mice who have not only survived the procedure, but they are now thriving.  The researchers call the technique and device as “syringe-injectable electronics.

Scientists said that there are a lot of potential uses for this new technology including monitoring brain wave activity, delivering treatments to people with brain disorders such as Parkinson’s, and possibly even enhancing the brain’s capabilities.

Devin Powell the Writer for the paper on this new technology in the Smithsonian magazine, says that a number of groups are now investing in this exciting new research, including the military:

Study researcher Charles Lieber’s] backers include Fidelity Biosciences, a venture capital firm interested in new ways to treat neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. The military has also taken an interest, providing support through the U.S. Air Force’s Cyborgcell program, which focuses on small-scale electronics for the “performance enhancement” of cells.

Right now the mice who have the implants are connected via a wire to computers.  In the future, however, the technology would become wireless.  One of the most interesting parts about this mesh is that the mouse’s brain was able to grow around it and formed its own connections to the wire.  Eventually, the mouse’s brain accepted the mechanical parts as a part of its own biochemical system.

Researcher Liber and his fellow researchers are hoping to begin human testing as soon as they can, however, it is likely that it will be many years from now.

It is still interesting to think that this could be the first true type of cyborg human brain enhancing technology.  Can you image being connected to the internet inside of your brain?  I know this sounds crazy and we would have to learn to control our thoughts so they weren’t streamed onto the internet but perhaps the benefit would be having instant access to all human knowledge within your own mind.

What do you think about this new crazy technology?

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