Scientists Found Stunning Discoveries That Got Them Suddenly Speaking of God


Science has yet to prove infinite theories, but these stunning discoveries are quite intriguing!

When people label the “greater consciousness” as I would like to call it, with a name like “God” people often get agitated. And I figured out that most people get so caught up in the name, that explaining afterwards would be only a waste of time.

So let’s call it a “higher power.” I think both of us would be satisfied to hear explanation about that, yes? Alright!

The higher power is something we would never get to fully grasp. Even if we get close people or something would find a way to destroy the world. Biologists suspect we’re living through the sixth major mass extinction.

However, science is always on the verge to find existence of God. All the major scientists want to find proof of God. And it’s never proven who is the higher power that is responsible for all the major events connected with it. I mean, we are all made from it right?

The video bellow explains few crucial things about the higher power.