Scientist Believes Civilizations On Mars Were Nuked Into Oblivion

A scientist has spoken out about his beliefs that Mars could have been much like Earth with civilizations on it and then it was nuked and life was destroyed. This is the theory of Dr. John Brandenburg who has been called a pseudoscientist. He does have credentials that are said to be impressive yet his ideas are way out there. He was the speaker at the Secret Space Program Conference 2015; this was a conference that asked the question of what was going on.


Dr. Brandenburg has said that the surface of Mars is covered with a layer of substances that are radioactive and this includes thorium, uranium and radioactive potassium. The doctor said that this pattern radiates from a hot spot that is on Mars. He went on to say that as weird as it sounds ancient Martians with the names of Utopians and Cydonians had been massacred in the nuclear attack that had taken place on Mars. He went on to say that such a nuclear attack may have sent debris flying all around the planet.

Brandenburg had given a talk at the Meeting of the American Physical Society in 2014 in Illinois on the subject. He had said that scientists used to think that the explosion had been natural; however, Brandenburg thinks that nuclear isotopes in the atmosphere look like hydrogen bomb tests and they could be a guide to civilization having been wiped out by an attack that was nuclear from space.


Brandenburg dedicated his career to the issues of space, national defense and energy. He wrote the book Life and Death on Mars. A reviewer said that the drama of the book was his talk about the nuclear catastrophe that made Mars, which was once a planet like Earth, become the wasteland it is known to be today. Brandenburg had made a study of the high concentration of Xenon-129 which was in the atmosphere of Mars, with uranium and thorium on the surface, which had been seen by the Odyssey spacecraft of NASA. Scientists had pointed out that the appearance of the elements was not all that surprising due to the fact that they were natural elements that could be found everywhere.


Stuart Robbins, however, challenges the doctor’s credibility and said that one of the things that were unique about Brandenburg was that one of his biggest claims of evidence that the ideas of his are correct, is that he says he was present during the scientific conferences and there is no one that has challenged him. Robbins went on to say that this is a claim that he has made many times in just about every interview he had given. Robbins may have a point if you listen to Brandenburg and what he said. He had said that earlier results of the massacre still stand; but that for the conference he had chosen to focus on one important part and this was the huge nuclear explosions, which the doctor said was the most extraordinary evidence that there has been life on Mars. He went on to say that his goal had been establishing the reality of the explosions to the scientific community along with their non-natural origin and then goes on to focus on the target.


Brandenburg also said that he came up with Mars hypothesis that the planet had once been covered with an ocean, which is something that NASA have recently said. At the Secret Space Program conference 2015, the conference went on to ask what was going on and whether a secret space program was being developed using funds that had been allocated by congress of a different economic system. The question of where the missing trillions had gone was asked as was what is the UFO phenomenon. The conference asked if there was a series of military projects that were using technology that was advanced and which had been developed in bases that were underground around the globe and whether it represented something that was alien.