Science Explains Why We Prefer Having Sex At Night

We learn more about ourselves every day thanks to science. It turns out that there is a universal tendency: humans prefer having sex during the night time. You might think that it is our modern way of life: working during the day, coming home, eating dinner, chilling and going to bed to do the naughty thing then sleeping, but it isn’t. Here is the science behind our horny schedule!

I am guessing this is true for most of us, right?

Most of the time couples end up having sex when they go to bed to sleep.

So until now, it is the everyday story about this societal norm.

But what are the scientific and psychological reasons? Why do humans have sex at night and especially right before going to sleep?

Let’s go to the beginning and look at the times when humans were still living in caves.

As finding food was the main problem most of the men were hunters and gatherers.According to anthropologists, men used to urinate in their caves before leaving.

In short, the idea was to mark their territory so that other males wouldn’t approach the wives that were left behind. However, it was a different time and the conditions were completely different: some men and women used to mate with other people while their spouses were asleep at night.

Coming back to our present day, research shows that married couples have sex, mostly before sleeping. 

More than half of married couples engage in sex between 10:00 pm and 2:00 am and some other around 6:00 am.

Another finding the research showed was that couples have more sex on weekends.

They usually have sex when they go to bed, which is exactly when they are available for each other.

But what about the couples who aren’t married and who have more time for each other?

The evolutionary reason why humans have sex is as simple as reproduction. And apart from some mammals, the duration of sex is quite short.

Although the duration doesn’t affect the likelihood of impregnation, it is important for couples to feel intimate.

And another reason why we prefer night time to get naughty again stems from our ancestors’ behavior.

For various reasons, it was very important for our ancestors who lived long, long ago, that couples sleep together.

For example for some people, such as Eskimos, sleeping together at night meant conserving heat.

Two pairs of ears alongside each other, listening to what is going on around at night meant better chances of noticing enemies and wild animal attacks.

Sleeping together and having physical contact raises the amount of oxytocin.
It is because of this hormone that couples become closer and bond better.

All in all, survival and reproduction have been vital since the beginning of the history of humans on Earth.

In this sense, it is quite understandable why we prefer having sex at night when we establish lasting physical contact, which increases intimacy.