Scary Cruise Ship “It Almost Tips Over”

There has been a reason why people would opt for a land-locked vacation, but how about cruises?

Being on a ship for several days… at a time it might sound scary if something goes wrong. Maybe the Titanic tragedy had something to do with the fears that we have over being stranded on a sinking ship. But, there are other vacationers who live for these types of cruises and they take every chance they get to go on them to enjoy the perks of the endless food supply, on board entertainment and building new bonds with strangers from all over the world.

For those who were on board a recent cruise off the coast of South Africa, they were faced with a frightening situation when the boat was being battered by waves and rocked side to side, tilting almost 45 degrees. Based on the footage that was captured by passerby on the beach, it looks as if the ship was literally going to tip over onto its side. For the passengers on board, the adventure was quite frightening but lucky for them, there were no injuries reported and the car carrier made it safely into the harbor. Talk about a close call.

Imagine being on board when the boat was rocking side to side at such a rapid pace? Talk about one heck of a case of sea sickness.

The footage that was captured has viewers thinking twice about getting on board a cruise anytime soon and commenters shared the following thoughts.

Some debated that the ship was a cruise ship and others had advice for the captain…

“Incorrect sensationalist journalism. This is a car-carrier, not a cruise ship. The ship is rolling due to her tender stability and the wave action. All in a day’s work for the thousands of professional seafarers around the world.”

“That was more like 30 degrees but it would still be scary as hell…”

“No ballast. The captain needs a good kicking.”

Here’s the video: