Scan of Woman’s Face Shows Why You Should Always Wear A Seatbelt

An incredible image of a woman’s face that has been reconstructed after it was destroyed in a car crash has surfaced online.

The image shows two skulls side-by-side in a before and after look at the unknown victim’s skull.

The skull in the first picture is absolutely mental, with pretty much the whole upper jaw where the left eye socket should be.

There’s also a pretty major hole in the cranium.

It’s difficult to imagine what state the woman would’ve been in before the surgery, or even how she actually survived.

The brutal injuries were reportedly sustained in a car crash that the 25-year-old was involved in, with the severity of the damage due to the fact that she had neglected to wear a seat-belt.

But the really amazing part is the ‘after picture’, where the ophthalmologist literally works his magic and fixes everything.

I mean, this woman is now more machine than human.

But all jokes aside, major props to this doctor and his medical team.

The doctor said on medical site Figure 1:

A trauma work-up revealed a traumatic brain injury with intracranial hemorrhage, a traumatic eye injury requiring enucleation, and extensive facial fractures.

This CT shows her completed facial reconstruction. Thanks to a dedicated multidisciplinary team, the patient is now ambulatory and recovering well.

The doctor received massive praise for his work on the site, with many commentators labeling it as a ‘masterpiece’.

The image was viewed over 600,000 times and has since emerged on Reddit and Imgur, with a distinctly more low-brow response.

One user commented:

I’d probably crash if my teeth were in my eyes, too.

Another said:

The eye bone is connected to the cheek bone! The Jawbone is connected to the ear-hole!

But on a serious note, this really is a massive testament to the wonders of modern medicine.
If this crash had happened even just ten years ago, it’s unlikely the patient would’ve had the successful reconstruction surgery that has pretty much fixed her.
Obviously the bones only show part of the story, and we are unable to see the effect the injuries had on her face but hopefully she will have made a good recovery.
A  stark reminder to always wear a seat-belt kids.