Say No To NUTELLA, It Is Poisoning You and Your Children

In order to protect our kids from the harmful GMO foods, we all must stand and say one large and loud NO. These foods are even advertised as healthy ones.

People are convinced by the intensive advertising that Nutella is healthy for our kids, but the bitter truth is that it cannot be even listed in the group of healthy foods. In fact, all the ingredients contained in Nutella aren’t harmful or GMOs, but the product will be harmful with only one bad ingredient. You should know that there are four harmful substances included in Nutella.

The Dangers of Nutella:


The Asian people will disagree with this statement because the soy is part of their diet for centuries. Actually, they consume small amounts of naturally grown soybeans, opposite of the western civilizations today that eat artificial soy in pretty big quantities. Nutella contains soy lecithin which is dangerous for the human’s health. It is connected with thyroid depression, uncontrolled weight gain, late menstruation, fatigue, premature entry into puberty and breast cancer.


Nutella contains derived from GMO sugar beets which is inexpensive and filled with pesticides and altered sugar that our body cannot recognize. I’ll say it again, it is very cheap. These sugars are considered as neurotoxins since they can penetrate the blood brain barrier which results with elimination of the brain cells. They are also related with ailments such as ADHD, ADD, autism, migraine, anxiety, depression, etc.

Skim Milk

You can see a green meadows and happy cows on every milk package, which is an advertising trick of course. The milk inside is not a skim milk, but pus filled milk of sick cows that were exposed on GMO including corn, antibiotics and many other things that are meant to decrease the costs. At the end the resulting product is odorless milk that contains powdered milk. Powdered milk contains the most dangerous type of bad cholesterol.


The label of every vanillin says that it doesn’t include artificial colors, but the vanillin itself is an artificial flavor. It is able to trick our brain and make you feel the true vanilla flavor. The brain is easily tricked. Vanillin is a neurotoxin which is capable to kill the brain cells. In addition, vanillin makes us addictive while connecting the receptors in the brain and releasing serotonin, the hormone of happiness. It is produced in China petroleum-based factories which makes this country one of the largest producers of vanillin in the world.

I hope these facts are enough for you to decide to throw away these neurotoxins, GMO sugar, cheap and artificial vanilla and say one big, decisive NO to Nutella.

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