Satellite Phote of Round Object Beneath Water Off Greek Coast Has Internet Guessing

A strange circular shape seen on Google’s satellite maps has created a stir among ufologists online, who are speculating that it could be a hidden submersible off the coast of Greece.

The circular object was brought to people’s attention by the website Disclose.TV, which posts information about UFOs and aliens. According to the niche publication, the unidentified submersible object was viewed online using Google Maps in the Aegean Sea.

“Using the ruler on google earth and this object is of 220 feet long,” Disclose.TV states. It’s unclear whether the unidentified object has ever been viewed for real, or whether the image is an optical illusion, like a trick of the light.

The satellite imagery has since sent quite a few folks guessing, some of them enthusiastic about newly-found evidence that “we’re not alone,” others less so.

“Something here does not belong!  Awesome brother, excellent catch! Would love to hear the official excuses on this one!,”one commentator wrote.

A second person stated: “That is weird. All around topography looks rough, deep. Nothing in the area looks remotely like that object. Its shape also seems [too] symmetrical. There is a harbor some distance to the north. Is it possibly connected to that structure?”

A more skeptical person then posited that the shadow underwater could be from an “old pier.”  The actual cause of the peculiar shape remains a mystery for now. Whatever the story behind the object, anyone can enter the coordinates and view the location on Google Maps.