Satanic Secrets of The Super Rich


Christopher Everard is our special guest & he shares his extensive research into the very obvious evidence that many top politicians are deeply involved with ‘BROTHERHOODS’ and ‘SISTERHOODS’ – this is NOT a ‘Conspiracy Theory’ – this is ‘Conspiracy Fact’… The secret occult careers of JOHN KERRY and many other politicians will be examined…

We discuss how these covens and cults are based on ancient Hebrew-Babylonian SACRIFICE rituals of people – and how BOMBING CIVILIANS has become the new form of sacrifice for these sick people in today’s world.

From Babylonian time up to the present day, we track these occult practices through history.

What you are about to hear may shock you, but unfortunately it is all very true. From blood sacrifice in ancient times right thought to the secret societies that hold the power today, these are the practices & the magic that the super rich live by!