Santiago Flight 513 Commercial Airliner Takes Off In Germany In 1954, Lands In Brazil In 1989

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the world’s most famous conspiracy theories and important element of the supernatural. It was first found in the seas, but later, rumors and stories about the Bermuda Triangle translated into it being in the airspace: People were apparently being teleported from one side to the other, thousand of miles in a second with no explanation at all. Pilots from all over the claimed to have gone through this, and the sheer fear and panic it caused.


Newspaper reporter Irwin Fisher dug out a deeply covered secret: The mysterious appearance of Santiago Flight 513. According to Brazilian authorities, this was dubbed the longest flight ever – and it made headlines, only to be mysteriously covered up. Flight 513 took off on September 4th, 1954, and disappeared somewhere across the Atlantic Ocean – something that over the years, most flights have disappeared or “teleported” around this area – proving a point. It was then assumed, at that point of time, that the plane crashed and everyone on it lost their lives, much to the tragedy of their families.

The plane allegedly reappeared again, 35 years later; circling the airport and then landing. The air control tower had no contact with the plane at all. It landed on October 12, 1989. When they were found, airport security and support was shell-shocked to discover all 88 passengers and four crew members all in their seats. But they were all skeletons. Authorities refused to comment. Dr. Celso Atello, a paranormal researcher, said that flight 513: “almost certainly entered a time warp, there is no other explanation.” The government has been the prime suspect in hushing up this entire episode; as all news of it was swept up and disappeared in the sands of time. Just what else are governments hiding from us? Is there a greater force we need to fear? People who never stop from finding the truth – such as Irwin Fisher, might one day bring humanity – and the common people to open their unseeing eyes to the truth.