Russians Confirms The Existence of ‘Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life’

Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev recently confirmed the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life in a short interview away from network cameras after an appearance on Russian television. This is extremely significant, as it is a rare occasion  when a current serving Prime Minister of any nation has come forward to share the truth. Keep in mind that Medvedev also served as President of Russia from 2008 to 2012.

Collective Evolution has had this interview translated by multiple sources and can verify it’s credibility with regards to translation. Both of our translations are Russian.

I tell you the first and last time. Together with a nuclear suitcase the president has a folder, which is top secret and devoted entirely to the report by the Russian secret service which handles the control of extraterrestrials in our country. After the term, the two folders and a small nuclear suitcase are transferred to the new president. How many of them are among us I cannot say because panic might begin

He also refers to a Russian documentary if you are interested in the subject titled “The Men in Black.” He is not referring to the Hollywood film.

What Can We Conclude From These Statements?

Prime Minister Medvedev made many interesting remarks, one of them being the fact that the president receives classified information on extraterrestrials visiting the planet at the beginning of his term. From this we can conclude that those responsible and dealing with this subject is not the president or the prime minister. They simply receive a briefing from the countries “secret service.”  Interestingly, Medvedev was President from 2008 – 2012, prior to Medvedev, the president was Vladimir Putin from 2000-2008, as well as the prime minister from 2008-20012. So he has been in the ‘know’ for quite some time. It’s more likely that the heads of major ‘secret service’ groups who have entire careers at agencies are privy to more information than a president who serves a much shorter term.

The same has been the case in the United States, with the very first public disclosure of a Untied States “black budget” program by Edward Snowden, credibility to other high ranking individuals within the ‘power structure’ has further increased. Former National Minister of Defence for Canada, Paul Hellyer alluded to trillions of dollars going into black budget projects in which congress and the president are deliberately kept in the dark. The secret seems to be exploding out even more as we head towards 2014.

In my opinion it’s important to note that these statements come after thousands and thousands of UFO files and documentation have been released by dozens of governments world wide, including the Russian Navy and agencies like the NSA. Here is one example of one from the NSA, other examples include much more detailed information. The evidence is widely available for those who are interested in pursuing it. Not too long ago, we presented a list of 12 Government Documents, out of thousands, that take UFOs seriously.

Another interesting comment was the fact that Prime Minister Medvedev alluded to the fact that they receive a nuclear suitcase. There is a lot of evidence that shows how UFOs have been deactivating Nuclear Missiles around the world for a number of years.

Last but not least, he states that a reason for secrecy is the fact that it might spread panic. I can understand that there are those who have kept the secrecy behind UFOs and extraterrestrials because they did not want to panic the population. On the other hand, there is a lot more that could go into the reasoning behind the secrecy of UFOs. Some of these concerns include technological implications, reasons for visitation, and opening humanity up to new concepts that threaten our current ‘power structure’ or paradigm of reality here on Earth. It has financial and economical implications that threaten those who profit off of the current existing paradigm.

Since I began this article with a statement from someone who many people pay attention to in the political world, I will end it with another who many paid attention to in the “academic world.”

At the end of the day your truth is within, what does your heart and soul tell you?  I understand the importance of writing about this subject in a way that can reach many. At the same time, we have to move past labels that give people “credibility” and think for ourselves. All of the answers are inside of you, the only problem is that we’ve been programmed for so long that we’ve forgotten how to listen to what our intuition is saying -our heart, our soul. Our minds have been so busy accomplishing the “set out requirements to live a good life”  that we have not learned how to get in touch with the real truth within.

A time for change has arrived, alongside our time for choice. Planet Earth is going through quite a transition, and I believe that may have something to do with some of the visitors that have been coming to the planet at this time.

Here is another great video of a speech given by Richard Dolan in front of several former members of the United States Congress.