Russian Scientists Have Proved That Prayer Is A Cure: Restores The Body, Destroys Stress and Provides Security


For the devout, there never has been any question that prayer has the power to heal.

Now, more and more medical research from leading hospitals and universities across the U.S. has shown conclusively a belief in God really IS good for you, making you healthier and happier, and helping you live longer.

“Studies have shown prayer can prevent people from getting sick — and when they do get sick, prayer can help them get better faster,” Duke University’s Harold G. Koenig, M.D.

An exhaustive analysis of more than 1,500 reputable medical studies “indicates people who are more religious and pray more have better mental and physical health,” Dr. Koenig says.

By definition, prayer is a form of addressing God, by establishing a relationship with God or a deity, talking to Goddess, God or Gods, angels and saints.

Recently, Russian scientists from the University of St. Petersburg scientifically have proved that miraculous healing associated with spirituality is a reality and have found many physical and mental changes that one can experience in a moment of prayer or religious ceremony.

Scientists have proved that the believer immersed in prayer completely shuts down his cerebral cortex, and that indicates full security and the absence of stress.


Prayer – a cure against negative thinking

Professor Slezin was able to measure the power of prayer, and found that a monk, who prays, completely shuts down the cortex which was only noticed in children up to three months that feel safe near their mothers.

As people grow, a sense of security is increasingly reduced, and brain activity is increased. The activity is reduced only during deep sleep and prayer, which has a good influence on people.

“Prayer is a powerful cure, and not only that it regulates all the processes in the human body, but also it restores the damaged structure of consciousness,” said Professor Slezin, director of the Laboratory for neuropsychology at the Institute for Research and Development of neuropsychology in St. Petersburg.

Scientists have proved that after the spiritual and religious ceremonies, blood pressure normalizes, and so do the other values measured in the blood.

Most diseases are caused by such negative situations and mentally intensified problems which during prayer retreat or even disappear completely!

Interesting, isn’t it?