Russian Couple Adopts Orphaned Bear – 23 Years Later They Still Live Together

23 years ago, an orphaned cub was adopted. Now 300 pounds and 7-ft tall, the bear is a gentle giant who still lives with his family.
It’s not a conventional family, granted, but the Panteleenko unit has been a solid once since they adopted Stepan, an orphaned bear, 23 years ago.

Daily Mail reports that Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko took in Stepan when he was just 3 months old. He was found by hunters in a forest all alone and in a very bad condition. Twenty-three years later, the three still live as a family in Moscow, Russia. And, contrary to appearances, the 300-pound, 7-ft bear is a gentle giant.

His humans relay that Stepan helps around the house by watering plants. In the evenings, he loves cuddling on the couch and watching television.

Said Svetlana:

“When we adopted him, he was only three-months-old and had been found by hunters in the forest having lost his mother. He was in a very bad condition. He absolutely loves people and is a really sociable bear – despite what people might think, he is not aggressive at all. We have never been bitten by Stepan.”


He’s got so many talents and loves a picnic. It’s a wonder he doesn’t eat us out of house and home,” she added.

Reportedly, the bear has never acted out or bitten either of his human companions. They credit it to him being domesticated all of his life as well as being well cared for.


Every day, the mighty bear eats 25kg of fish, vegetables, and eggs. Because he loves football, he manages to stay in pretty good shape, too.


His tame nature has landed him acting roles in films and photo shoots.





Is this proof humans and animals can peacefully co-exist? Or should the Panteleenko clan be worried about Stepan’s inherently wild nature?