Russia Warns Trump: ‘The Elites Are Planning Your Assassination’


Candidate, Donald Trump is no stranger to many controversies. The mass media has consistently been all over Trump, due to his many public speeches, which many believe are laced with borderline racism or sexist remarks. However, this is dependent on one’s political views.

There are common comments that are spoken of when it comes to controversial candidates. Much like during Obama’s campaign and victory there was often talks whether he would be assassinated. There were rumors that the infamous Ku Klux Klan had intentions of trying to assassinate Obama, due to their well-known dislike for anyone not about their beliefs.


Donald Trump may very well be in this category, but not for his skin color, but rather because of the amount of controversy that has been stirred with the billionaire. Rumors are beginning to surface that Trump may very well be the target of the very same reaction by the Elite. Part of the reasons for this is because Donald Trump plans to improve relationships with Moscow as the new president. It is believed that he is entering a uniquely dangerous territory by trying to befriend Russia.

It is believed that some people do not believe that the United States needs someone like Donald Trump to be president, due to his intentions. There is a desire to keep the United States as well as the rest of the world to keep world order in a solid and stable business. Under Donald Trump’s control, his ideas would make business take an entirely different shift, which deviates from the norm.

The individual who continues to indicate that the Trump is becoming a target is a journalist by the name of Kisiliov. The rumors of Trump being assassinated has been brought up such a scary rate that he is rumored to be wearing a bulletproof vest every time he roams the public. During one rally in Las Vegas, it was believed that a 20-year old man tried to grab an officer’s gun to kill Trump.

Whether Trump is liked or not, he has not warranted such a reaction to being a target of being assassinated. It would be best to keep away from the public, given the recent news that Donald Trump will now be the United States’ president for the next four years. Controversy is sure to stir during this time. The United States will be involved in some of a unique government that has ever existed. Given rumors of Putin and Trump being close, Trump may be very protected by the powerful Russian.

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