Russia Today Destroys 9/11 Story


I never saw this great Russia Today report totally destroying the lies of the corporate whore mainstream media in the United States.  They talk about how the disgusting trol, Rachel Madow makes fun of anybody not believing the now totally

discredited official fairy tale about 9/11.  Remember, over 90% of Americans do not believe the official story about the JFK assassination but these scum traitor media operations keep putting it out there again and again saying that Oswald shot JFK when we all know it’s a lie!   If you believe ANYTHING on the TV News besides the sports scores you’re a moron!   If you still care about sports and aren’t spreading the truth then you’re part of the problem too!

Spread the word – Turn off the Fake News!  It’s all lies!

RT – 9/11 Was an Inside Job!

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