Ronda Rousey Gets It! She Just Took Over a Press Conference To Hammer The War On Marijuana


It was announced this week by the Nevada Athletic Commission that welterweight UFC fighter, Nick Diaz will be fined $165,000, and will be suspended for five years after testing positive for marijuana.

The government agency levied the ridiculous fine and multiple-year suspension, not because Diaz was cheating or using steroids, but because they found traces of a plant that grows out of the ground in his blood.

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The UFC welterweight failed just one of the three drug tests administered during a five-hour period on the night of the event. The two negative results came from the Sports Medicine and Research Testing Laboratory, a World Anti-Doping Agency accredited lab, while the positive test came from Quest Diagnostics, which is not WADA accredited. The NAC ultimately decided that Quest’s testing methods were more “sophisticated.”

UFC champion Ronda Rousey responded with an epic mic-dropping backlash to the NAC’s decision to punish Diaz for alleged marijuana use.

“It’s not right for him to be suspended five years for marijuana. I’m against them testing for weed at all,” Rousey said during a press conference in Australia.

Rousey went on to point out the ridiculous nature of testing for a substance that is not used for cheating.

“It’s not a performance-enhancing drug. It has nothing to do with athletic competition; it’s only tested for political reasons,” asserted Rousey in a logical manner. “They say, ‘It’s only for your safety to keep you from hurting yourself because you’re out there.’ You know what, then why don’t they test for all the other things that could possibly hurt us that we could be under the influence of while we’re out there?”

Rousey makes a powerful point with her statement. By the state’s logic of testing people for pot to “keep them safe,” they should be testing for tobacco and alcohol as well. These two substances are responsible for tens of thousands of deaths annually while marijuana kills no one.

Rousey also pointed out the state’s heavy-handed hypocrisy in doling out their punishment to Diaz. Anderson Silva, who defeated Diaz via unanimous decision before the result was overturned, received a one-year suspension, after actually being caught cheating.

In August, Silva tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs, and he received a mere one-year suspension. Diaz tests positive for a plant, and he gets five years.

Nothing to see here folks.

“It’s so unfair. If one person tests for steroids, that could actually hurt a person, and the other person smokes a plant that makes them happy, and he gets suspended for five years, where the guy that could have hurt someone so much that he could’ve died in there gets a slap on the wrist. It’s not fair. It’s not fair at all,” said Rousey.

Well, Ronda Rousey, the entire war on drugs is not fair. Not only is it unfair, but it is a villainous cancer that plagues the world by creating violent criminal monopolies on the street and in the government. It also deprives morally innocent people of their freedom.

“It doesn’t make me a bad person for saying it. I can’t believe it’s not being said more. Yeah, I think they really should free Nick Diaz,” stated Rousey. And she is right, calling out the ridiculous nature of Diaz’s suspension does not make her a bad person. It makes her a good person. It makes her a courageous person who leads by example and stands up for what is right, despite the immoral legislation that says otherwise.+

“I don’t think that marijuana should be part of the conversation at all. I think it’s an invasion of privacy for them to test for it and they have no right.”