Roller Coaster Death: Texas Woman Falls Out As Car Banks 90 Degrees

Six Flags roller coaster accident: Dallas woman Rosy Esparza, who fell to her death on Friday from the Texas Giant, the ride dubbed the world’s highest steel-hybrid roller coaster, didn’t feel safe, witnesses say.

Riders said three clicks could be heard when the roller coaster’s restraints locked in place. Esparza told a ride attendant she was concerned when hers clicked just once, but the attendant told her as long as the she heard a click, she was okay.

The formal investigation is underway, but an unsecured restraint could be what allowed Esparza to fall from the car moments later. Witnesses said the deceased was thrown from her seat as it made a banking turn after the first steep drop.

The ride’s German designers will travel to Texas to investigate the cause of the tragedy. Spokesman Tobias Lindnar told The Dallas Morning News: “I’m sure there’s no safety bar that is broken,” adding “we will be on site and we will see what has happened.”


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