Reptilian Statues In Ancient Satanic Knights Templar Commandery With Extraterrestrial Alphabet

The culprits of my targeting from these so called masons are al gore and senator Lindsey graham.  Good video of how they use property to use their religion and persecute other humans. They think they own the joint. The moon is fake . They have put in plain sight their stupid fake sun known as a sun simulator to use and destroy lives and property. They are reptilian bec they have copper based DNA. Chemtrail are use to torture people on a central nervous level to exploit women sexually and violate your pineal gland. These things are things. We must expose everything. You have medical people who know what is going on to real people like denying them care or labeling them mentally ill. Just like labeling some one a heretic back in the day.

Most of society gets on board with this cult because they already know about the weapons like scalar technology used on the human body and mind mapping from the Obamacare administration. All politicians know about this weaponry and hunt down real good people for their own sick glory and fame. Satellites track and trace humans like cattle and they get people off planet for exchange. This is the moon and mars, their little secret space crap. These Masons are cowards and need the ultimate exposure. 5g is to cause cancer.

The fires and all weather problems are from them!  Slash and burn is to get the property and put in smart homes designed by  Lennar business. I have had these assholes follow me for 7+ years. They cause all the homeless and havoc aground the world. They have hive minded people because they use synthetic telepathy to communicate to the hive their plans and it’s called predictive planning. No secret.