Receiving a Social Security Number in Portugal

Is a social security number in Portugal a matter of your interest? Well, we are ready to give you a proper explanation regarding how to receive it then. So, we are ready to start!

Why Should You Even Think of Getting NISS?

Receiving NISS is going to be vital if you want to possess all of the necessary social benefits. Such a system allows to count on the support of the government in the following situations:

· Birth or adoption;

· The issues with the employment;

· Problems with health and disability;

· Retirement;

· Various accidents, etc.

So, the list includes really important life situations. And, it is really nice to expect to receive proper help (including financial assistance) in these cases.

What Exactly Do You Need to Provide in Order to Get NISS?

A person willing to obtain NISS should have a certain job or an offer of a contract. However, those who do not work can also receive it but the process will be more difficult. If you are a student or self-employed, you will be able to apply for the social security number in Portugal too.

Let us start with what documents you will have to present to request NISS. Here is a list of them:

· A valid passport. This is the first and foremost document to have. In some cases, a visa may be necessary too. if you make a decision to visit the office to suggest the documents in person, do not forget to get the photocopy of the passport ready too;

· A residence permit and its photocopy too;

· A copy of the work contract. Note that a signature of the employer should be present there;

· The taxpayer’s number (in case you haven’t received it yet, you will have to devote some time to this in advance);

· A work or study permit.

In case everything is okay and you are able to present everything listed here, you may expect to get NISS within a period of up to ten days.

Can I Trust This Work to Anyone Else?

There are situations when a person simply does not have time to do everything on his own or just wants to delegate all of the process to those who are well aware of its details. And, it is absolutely fine. In this case, it is going to be reasonable to stick to the help of the service providers.

If you wonder what you will have to do in this case, we are ready to explain!

So, first of all, you should prepare a passport and NIF. Again, if you need assistance with receiving NIF, it can be easily arranged. Then, you simply deal with the application form and pay a fee (it can vary depending on who you cooperate with). After this, there is identity verification and proceeding with e-signature. And, you may expect to receive a NISS within ten working days too.

As for the application data, you are going to be required to state your name, email, phone number, marital status, current address, passport data, and NIF info.

If you decide to get professional help, it will mean that you won’t have to visit the offices and actually, you will not even have to leave your home. Isn’t it convenient? But normally, if you need to get NISS fast (within three working days), you are going to pay more.

Once you are choosing a provider who will be helping with your NISS, it will be a great idea to look through the reviews of people who have already experienced receiving similar services. This way, you will be certain of the quality you are about to face.