Questions To Ask When Hiring A Car Accident Lawyer

Being involved in a car accident can be a traumatic experience. It means risking your career and
your family life into financial burden, most especially if you end up suffering from temporary or
permanent disability as a result of the accident. This is why its crucial to ask the right questions
before hiring a car accident attorney during the initial free consultation.

Here are the important questions you need to ask a prospective car accident lawyer to ensure the
best legal representation:

What Is Your Educational and Professional Background?

The qualifications of a good lawyer include a trusted and reputable law school and membership
to major legal professional organizations. A car accident lawyer is a specialization of personal
injury law. It pays to know what makes up the lawyers bulk of practice. Ask if the lawyer has
defended cases similar to yours in the past.

Law is broad, and personal injury has a wide legal scope. It is, therefore, important to choose a
lawyer who specializes in handling car accident cases. An experienced lawyer already knows the
ins and outs of car accident cases, including related cases, such as driving under the influence or
DUI or driving while intoxicated or DWI.

How Will You Assess This Case?

Right from the very start, it is best to allow a prospective lawyer to assess your case. Make sure
to raise your case before the car accident lawyer during your first meeting. Bring your hospital
bills, medical records, accident report, insurance letters, pictures of the accident scene, and
photos of your injuries.

Sharing all relevant paperwork with the car accident attorney will help them assess the chances
of your case getting a higher or lower amount of compensation than what you originally
expected. Ask what elements of the casework are in your favor or will go against you. By asking
this question, you’ll know what financial compensation you’ll likely receive.

Also, ask if it is better for your case to go to trial or if any arbitration or mediation is possible.
Asking about the anticipated timeline is also important, so youll have a clearer idea of how
much time and effort you have to devote to the case. If ever youre seeking an experienced and
accomplished accident lawyer, click here to find the right one for you.

How Do You Usually Manage a Car Accident Case?

Every law firm manages cases in different ways. Some law firms have a dedicated team to
handle a wide variety of cases. Other law firms designate one lawyer to handle a car accident
case from beginning to end. Knowing which person you’ll work with and need to contact is
important to ensure a smoother and faster resolution of your case.

Ask the lawyer who will be handling your case. Some senior lawyers pass cases to other
attorneys within the practice. If your case is passed on to another personal injury lawyer, ask if
the senior attorney will be there during negotiations and in every court appearance.

Also, its a great idea to ask if the law firm will provide routine updates for your case. If they
offer updates, ask how often they will do it. Top lawyers are very busy and handle a lot of cases,
so it is important to ask about the best mode of communicating with your prospective car
accident attorney.

How Will I be Billed?

Its also important to ask a personal injury lawyer how you will be billed. Get an estimate of the
total costs. While there are many variables a lawyer has to consider, a trusted, reputable, and
experienced lawyer can provide you with detailed information about the legal fees and costs

Some car accident lawyers charge a contingency fee or an hourly rate. Will you owe money if
ever you lose the case or get an inadequate settlement? Ask the lawyer if you need to pay a
retainer fee and how much you’ll take home after all the expenses and legal fees.

How Do You Negotiate with Insurance Companies?

While insurance agents promise a lot of things when selling insurance products, insurance
companies dont quickly approve claims. Paying a victim for damages is a liability for any
insurance company because they earn by collecting monthly insurance premiums and by keeping
expenses or claim amounts at the minimum amount possible.

While insurance companies know how they can get themselves out of paying a high amount of
compensation, you can match or even surpass their tricks by hiring an accomplished and
experienced car accident lawyer. Proper investigation will be carried out. All pieces of evidence
regarding your injuries and damages will be presented, ensuring that your rights and best
interests are protected.


By asking all the questions above, you can better determine the best car accident lawyer to
represent you. Choosing the right lawyer will help you get the maximum compensation for all
the damages caused by the car accident. So it is better to pick a lawyer who is experienced and
respected in the industry with a proven excellent reputation.

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