Queen Elizabeth Shape-Shifting?

There are those who believe that some of us are not human. That some of the people walking around and living seemingly human lives are, in fact, giant lizards with shape-shifting abilities. The people believe that these shape-shifters are the true identities of some of the smartest and highest powered people on the planet. And that one of the highest powered lizards is Queen Elizabeth.

Supposedly, the human’s ability to witness the shift-shaping is growing with each generation. More and more people are becoming possessors of this ability. So two people might see the same person, but only one can see the lizard underneath the humanoid exterior.

Now Twitter is getting involved in the scandal. Apparently, a whole bunch of people has witnessed the Queen’s shifting shape. And, naturally, they want to tweet about it. Here are some examples of recent tweets that were sent out:

“… I just saw the Queen shapeshift…”

“…Queens hands just went green and scaly when she waved…”

“…I just saw the Queen shapeshift into a reptilian… I am not making this up…”

Hundreds of these tweets went out. So why or I am not you seeing all of these tweets? Because Twitter is erasing them as soon as they get posted. They’re even going one step further – permanently deleting the accounts that are posting these statuses.

A Twitter user who wishes to remain anonymous, lest Twitter delete his account, captured the above examples before they could disappear. He claims there were hundreds of these statuses, being posted and deleted. He claims the tweets had survived for only 10 or 20 seconds before they were gone, presumably deleted by the social media giant.

Twitter has not responded to inquiries about this situation.

Frankly, I don’t buy into the whole lizard shape-shifting theory. Nor do I think Twitter would be coerced into removing related statuses and peoples’ accounts. Unless the head of Twitter is, himself, a lizard… in that case, it all makes sense.