Quantum Physics Suggests That Death Doesn’t Exist, and Is Possibly Just An Illusion

Is there really an afterlife? This is a question that plagues tons of people but has yet to be answered.

Professor/scientist Robert Lanza knows all too well how insane this world can be, as we all seem to be able to do and find the impossible. Lanza believes that the theory of biocentrism teaches that death in the way that we know it to be is a mere illusion created by our very consciousness. While most think the universe created life, Lanza believes the opposite: that life created the universe.

According to Lanza, death cannot exist in any REAL sense. These ideas and theories are obviously very ahead of their time. We cannot begin to fathom these things. While these ideas are currently laid out on a more intuitive level and not scientifically proven just yet, they may someday have their backing on solid ground. Everything is an active process in our lives but we cannot see through the cranium, everything is moment to moment.

His books both Biocentrism and Beyond Biocentrism lay out all of the scientific arguments and so forth for his theory of everything. For those who do not know Lanza is well known and has published quite extensively in leading scientific journals. While our current culture and society will not accept these things, when you break it all down they do make sense. There a whole side to us that we are completely unaware of.

All of this aside though until we do actually pass on we will not know for sure what happens in the afterlife or if there even is an afterlife. Sure, staying as scientific as possible is a great thing but it is also a hindrance when you think about it. Not everything can be explained as easily as we would like it too.

What do you think happens when we pass on? Do you believe in biocentrism or understand what it is Lanza is going on about? Everything seems to be coming clear.