Psychiatrist Claims: The Cause of Mental Illness Is Demonic Possession

A psychiatrist, practicing out of his nationally recognized New York office, has recently come forth with startling new information on the status of mental illnesses and where it all stands.

Richard Gallagher, a certified psychiatrist, who also works as an adjunct professor in the Department of Clinical Psychiatry at the New York Medical College, says that mental illness stems from demonic possession.

Psychiatrist Breaks his Silence on Mental Illness

This is a first in the world of psychiatry, not to be confused with the practice of psychology, as most medical practitioners who speak of anything deemed a fringe topic by the mainstream, automatically jeopardize both their careers and practice. Gallagher has personally encountered many patients, who he believes are, are controlled by demonic possessions.

Even recently, the Washington Post reported an interview where the anonymous person claimed that he/she was seduced in the 1980’s by a satanic priestess. Dr. Gallagher sees many cases like this all the time. While completing his doctorate studies at Columbia, a Catholic priest asked Gallagher whether or not one of his parishioners was suffering from a mental illness. Gallagher sat down with the individual and now tells of the event and the patient’s abilities to see into people.

Could demonic possession the cause for mental illness?

The patient talked at length about how the people who she never knew died. She could also tell things about a person and bring out their untold secrets. She performed various exorcisms on six people, all of whom reported that she began to speak languages which she had never learned before. Gallagher, after taking all this information into account, determined that the woman was possessed.

Dr. Gallagher understands the various ways which his practice can be misconstrued as being something else. He also understands what other psychiatrists in his field think of his work. Superstitions and cases of demonic possession can be pointed out and confirmed as being fraud, but in Dr. Richard Gallagher’s career, the only patients who he has considered to be possessed, have been able to accomplish the most inhuman feats.

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