Prince William Breaks Royal Protocol – See Photo That Would Leave Tears Streaming From Diana’s Face

Devastating fire destroyed the Grenfell Tower apartment building in London. The flames claimed the lives of dozens of innocent people and left families searching for loved ones.

The 24-floor building became completely engulfed in flames, and residents were doing everything they could to escape. Some brave souls even tried leaping from their windows to the ground below.

The tragedy has left citizens heartbroken, and many are without hope. Like they often do, the royal family has reached out to show that they care about the people of the United Kingdom.

Prince William and Queen Elizabeth II took the time to make an unexpected visit to the crisis area and the Westway Sports Centre. They spent time with volunteers and victims, giving support and encouragement to all.

In an incredibly touching move, Prince William hugged a woman in distress over her missing husband. Fatima Jafari’s husband was in an elevator during the fire, and the woman has not been able to find him since.

The visual of Prince William hugging someone who is suffering brings back memories of his mother doing the same thing. She frequently visited with sick patients and would shake their hands without wearing her gloves.

Princess Diana frequently hugged children, breaking royal protocol. Her actions were reminders of how important it is to be kind to fellow humans.

Following in his mother’s footsteps, Prince William has grown into a symbol of hope for his country. He sets a beautiful example of acceptance and compassion that the citizens look up to.