President Trump Just Signed The Executive Order We’ve All Been Waiting For

President Trump has taken just about everything from Barack Obama. First, he took away the election and any chance of saving Obamacare. Then he took away all of his fascist, overreaching executive orders. Then he took away his library, his pension and his mother-in-law’s free ride. Now, with Obama left a shattered man he took away the only thin he had left: His future.

By signing executive order 908967R51, President trump made it impossible for any former White House staffer, including thePresident himself, from interfering with government business for 20 years after they leave their former job.

If Obama so much as goes near a government office or calls a radio station to voice his opinion about the trump administration, he’ll be arrested and prosecuted for obstruction of government and crimes against the United States. He won’t be able to counsel other Democrats, make speeches or campaign on their behalf.

Basically, Obama has been reduced to a has-been whose legacy has been destroyed in under a month. At this rate, President Trump will make it so nobody remembers who he is at all. While trump enjoys an approval rating nearing 80 percent, Obama can enjoy playing golf at a public course outside of Chicago.