President Putin Claims Queen Elizabeth Shapeshifted Into A Reptile

Stressed out about having Trump as the next president? It may relieve you a bit to think at least he’s not a reptilian shapeshifter. Queen Elizabeth II has been seen shapeshifting from reptilian form to human form. Even Vladimir Putin has witnessed this gruesome, if not captivating transformation.


Back in 2014, Putin was set to meet the Queen on the 70th anniversary of D-Day. The pair meet up in Normandy, France, but Putin kept as far away as possible. He suffered extreme media backlash for not even helping the Queen up the stairs. Why would a leader let Putin let his personal image suffer like that?

Well, sources close to Putin have announced it was because Putin saw a shocking transformation of the Queen just moments before the encounter. She is quoted to have a “long reptile face, almost like a beak, and she is a sickly gray dish water color.” Talk about a first impression! The Queen shape-shifted numerous times during her interaction with Putin, and even later during a photo-op with other important leaders such as Barack Obama and General Herry Mateparae. Putin could only interpret Queen Elizabeth’s transformations as a threat.

He spoke to his staff about this in detail, noting that the Queen wanted to show a clear example that she is not someone to mess with. Could any militia tackle a country who’s power resides in Queen Elizabeth II, a high priestess in a long line of reptilian Illuminati members? Could all of England’s high office-holders be part of this bloodline? Does even little Prince George and Princess Charlotte have reptilian DNA? How can the other countries of the world come together to combat these transformers? These are the questions we need an answer for, and we won’t stop till every last scale is discovered.