President Duterte: ‘The Queen and Royal Family Are Serial Killers’

President Duterte has lashed out at Queen Elizabeth II, accusing her of “killing innocent people”, comparing the Royal Family to a “mafia family.

“The Filipino president, nicknamed Duterte Harry by the Philippines press, was responding to a backlash of international criticism of extrajudicial killings under his leadership.

“The world gives her a free pass, but Queen Elizabeth is the head of a mafia family that kills people, innocent people””But one narco pusher dies in the Philippines and idiots in international media call for my head. I don’t think so,” the president said.

Responding to questions about his statement regarding the Royals, President Duterte said, “They [the British Royal Family] killed Princess Diana. She was a threat, now she’s dead. That was murder.” Speaking about Princess Diana’s premature death, Duterte confessed that the tragic incident brought him close to tears at the time, adding that “those serial killers are not welcome in this country.

“The Philippines president says that he now feels comfortable condemning The Queen and the Royal Family for Princess Diana’s death claiming that now, after years of research, himself and other world leaders now have definitive proof that the Royal Family were behind Diana’s death.

He added that the mainstream media are complicit in the deaths and there would be “no chance in hell” that they would “dare report on this”, explaining, “that is how mafia families operate. They control everything.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin also made similar statements recently in which he issued a “call-to-action to British citizens” claiming to have “definitive proof that Princess Diana was murdered by the British Royal Family”.Rodrigo “Rody” Roa Duterte is known to have little time for oligarchs, aristocrats, or gangsters who see themselves outside of the law.Duterte made headlines last year when he told the BBC that during his term as mayor of the southern city of Davao, he personally killed three suspects.

When the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein suggested he should be investigated for murder following the admission, Duterte called him an “idiot”.The straight-talking leader has shown great defiance in the face of globalist pressure to relax his stance, saying, “they don’t scare me”.

Despite television showing bodies lying in the streets, Duterte has kept public support for his leadership strong, with a recent poll by Philippine research group Social Weather Stations concluding that 85% of Filipinos were satisfied with Duterte’s approach to drug enforcement.

The Philippines has had a huge problem with drug gangs, with narco-pushers controlling the streets, but the president’s unique brand of anti-drug control has prevented the nation from collapsing under the strain.

According to the Senator Richard Gordon, who led an investigation into Duterte’s brand of justice – ultimately clearing him of wrongdoing – the president is on the right track, dealing with problems the only way they can be dealt with.Liberal politics, as pushed by the global media, would not work.

“I think people have missed the point that our system is rotten,” Philippines Sen. Gordon said. “The whole prosecution system is rotten.

The whole investigation system is rotten. There’s not enough money for more investigators. There’s not enough money for crime laboratories. There are too many passes being issued to people who do the crime, and that’s what gives them impunity.”