Pregnant Mom With a Beard Insists She Is a Man

Kaci Sullivan, 29, of Wisconsin, became pregnant with her second child just six months after she stopped taking male hormones and began normal sex with her 27-year-old boyfriend, the Daily Mailreported.

Sullivan also has a 5-year-old son whom she gave birth to before she tried living as a man. “When I became pregnant with my first child, I was still in denial about being transgender,” she explained. “I hoped my pregnancy would help me connect with womanhood and femininity and somehow the terrible discomfort I had felt with my body all my life would be alleviated – but that didn’t happen.”

After declaring herself to be a man, “my body is much aligned with how I view myself and my pregnancy is so much better,” Sullivan said. “I love seeing my baby grow inside of me.”

Sullivan, an artist, created a series of videos about her pregnancy to inform others about her experiences.

Sullivan runs a group called The TransLiberation Arts Coalition, a group which claims on its website that “society and the media are eating transgender people up.”

She said she was always unhappy with her female body but never learned about transgenderism until she turned 18. She had a child with her now-former husband while she was living as a female in 2011, but decided to live as a man after breaking up with him, Express reports.

Sullivan underwent a double mastectomy and began taking testosterone in May 2013, leaving her with a male appearance, physique, and beard.

Sullivan is not the first “transgender man” to have a child. In Ecuador, a man and a woman who try live as members of the opposite sex, but who never opted to have genital surgery, gave birth to a normal baby boy in September 2016.