Powerful Satirical Illustrations Show What War Really Looks Like

Wars have been an essential part of the history since the beginning of human civilization. Throughout the centuries, nations slaughtered each other for the sake of religion, power, land and natural resources. Even today, when mankind seems to have reached its highest point of development and the medieval violence is left far behind us, we can’t even imagine our world without war. Instead of using technological and scientific advances to improve people’s lives around the globe, we make more efficient weapons to threaten and kill each other…

This is the reason why artist Gunduz Aghayev, Azerbaijan, has created a new series of illustrations titled “War and Peace.”




Depicting war and its consequences in a satirical way, these powerful illustrations remind us that humans are those who have the responsibility for all the problems that plague this world and only we, humans, can stop this.



With this series, the artist expresses his protest against war and calls for peace before the human race destroys itself with its own hands.


The sad thing is that humans don’t seem to learn the lessons taught by history since modern day wars take place for nearly the same reasons as centuries ago. Religious fanaticism, greed and thirst for power still remain some of the human race’s most persistent features. Only when we change ourselves and, most important, our values, the world may become a more peaceful and safe place to live. Let’s hope that one day it will happen.