Police Confirm ‘Unknown’ Operatives Raided Las Vegas Shooter’s Home

Suspected Las Vegas shooting gunman Stephen Paddock’s Reno home was searched by operatives “unknown” to either the FBI or the police.

Federal agents returned to the property this week to conduct an official search only to be told by police officers that “someone” had already raided the property over the weekend.

Reno police officer Tim Broadway said they were called to a suspected break-in at the home owned by Paddock, in the early hours of Sunday morning, after a neighbor called 911 to report seeing a flashlight inside the building.

Broadway said officers discovered evidence that “someone had broken into the house”, but confirmed that it wasn’t a robbery or a typical break-in.

Police say they have “no idea” how the operatives entered the house and they remain “unknown” to law enforcement, with witnesses not seeing anything other than the light inside.“

Nobody really saw anything, just a light in the residence,” Broadway told the Associated Press.

According to RT, Broadway believes professional sleuths broke into the home through the front door over the weekend but said he was not sure exactly how they gained entry.

Police are not aware of any damages or anything that was stolen.There are no suspects at this time or any descriptions of a suspect.

The FBI is working with Reno police to ensure “there are no further incidents,” Broadway told the Reno-Gazette Journal.

The incident points towards being the work of intelligence agents, who would typically operate without liaising with police or even federal investigators.

At this point, it’s unclear whether the mission was designed to find something in the property, or perhaps, leave something behind prior to the FBI’s next search.

Paddock, 64, bought the house in the upscale retirement community in 2013 and lived there with his girlfriend, Marilou Danley.

Investigators previously searched the residence on October 3 and found five handguns, two shotguns, numerous electronic devices and a “plethora of ammunition,” according to KOLO.

During a news conference Monday, Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said the FBI and behavioral analysis agents were revisiting Paddock’s properties in order to possibly “discern additional evidence.”

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