Pilot Mother-Daughter Duo From Karnataka To Fly Around The World In 80 Days & Cover 50,000 Km

Flying up to 50,000 km circumventing the world in mostly 80 days, in a micro flight of 60 litre fuel capacity tanks. That’s what this mother-daughter duo from Karnataka is all set to embark on starting from February 2018 onwards.

Hobby pilot Audrey Deepika Meben and her daughter Amy Mehta (19) are going to be the first Indian women to take up the micro flight expedition attempting a world record. The message that the duo want to convey through the most challenging task on air is women’s empowerment.

“I have flown safely this far and I have taken good decisions on air. I will be starting my journey from Jakkur aerodrome and want to come back safely to Jakkur. It’s a life changing task and I can’t expect better partner than my daughter. This initiative, Women empower, will give wings to more girls who aspire to take on the skies,” said Audrey.

“This is mission possible,” said Audrey. The journey estimated to be cover 50,000 km embarks from Jakkur aerodrome, Bengaluru and from there on to South East Asia, Japan, Russia, Alaskan countries, Northern America, Iceland, Greenland and other European countries, Tehran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and finally returning to base in Jakkur. The entire journey is likely to take on 80 days with a minimum of 54 landings. The specially made microlight aircraft ‘Mahi’ contains two fuel tanks of 30 litre capacity each. At one go, the aircraft can fly up to 4.5 hours continuously. The journey will only be during day time.