Pilot In Wing Suit Makes ‘Craziest Base Jump Ever’


An Italian pilot has made what has been hailed as the most incredible, and dangerous base jump ever. Uli Emanuele put on his wing suit, fixed his GoPro camera and managed to dive through a two-meter wide crevasse in a mountain.

Emanuele has been dreaming about a sensational base jump for several years, looking for the best location and preparing for what could turn out to be a world record.


The video of his jump through a tight hole in the mountain has been watched by thousands of fans on YouTube. His supporters on Facebook wrote it’s the “craziest,” “most bananas” jump they have seen.

“Only few words in my mind: huge respect for your job have you done to do this awesome flight!!! You are the best!!!” one of the fans, Wesley Wieslaw, wrote.