Piglet Was Headed To The Slaughterhouse – Then A Tragedy Saved His Life

Just moments after he trotter-stepped his way into our world, this wee little piglet wasted no time in trotting on into the hearts of thousands of people worldwide. He is as brave as he is adorable and he is leading a revolution all of his own! He is Leon Trotsky, otherwise affectionately known as The Pig on Wheels; once destined for the dinner table when, in a sad and ironic twist, the accident that both caused his injury and claimed the lives of his two siblings was to become his saving grace.

At a little over three weeks of age, little Leon Trotsky has more spunk than most who are ten times his size and a will to live that is strong and true. When his injured mother fell on Leon, he suffered a broken and dislocated right hind femur, along with an injured hock and ligament damage on the other side. With these horrific injuries, things could not have looked much grimmer for the wee chap. But no one told the plucky little Leon that these obstacles of his world should hold him back. His life was precious, and thankfully this was recognized by a kind hearted soul who sought a better outcome for Leon.

And while Leon Trotsky is young, with soft bones and in the brightest (and oft times most demanding) of spirits, working with tiny bones and fragile piglets is never easy.  Leon proved way too small for the tiniest of carts that would have otherwise taken the pressure off his compromised limbs.  However, necessity is the Mother of invention and, coupled with Leon’s courage, a specialized wheelchair was created to allow Leon to move around, pain free, whilst enabling his injured hind legs to heal. And Leon has most certainly not wasted any time making the most of his newly-found mobility, causing his human carers to rush around after him as he takes to the farm paths with a speed and stamina to rival even the best racing car drivers!

Sadly for many piglets on commercial pig farms across the country, who suffer such life threatening injuries as dear Leon, their fate is grim.  With a Code of Practice that advises a blunt trauma to the head can be carried out by persons with ‘low skills’ as a no-cost means of addressing the problem, an injured piglet’s worth is little.  But we disagree; little Leon is priceless, as we are sure both you and he will agree. And if his determination and fortitude are anything to go by, it is only a matter of time before little Leon Trotsky’s Revolution of Kindness takes over our world and changes it for the better.

A Good Samaritan saw little Leon and her heart went out to him. He was then rescued from the pig farm and taken into a farm sanctuary for rescued animals, Edgar’s Mission in Australia. While at his new home, Leon made other animal friends that were rescued too.