Personality Test What Your Nails Say About you


Some parts of your body can tell a lot about your luck, your personality or even about your perceptions.

Our nails have many different forms and every of us has a nail form that is almost special. We will show you the 9 most common forms and we will analyze them. What is the most similar to yours?

  1. Vertically Elongated

You are a very romantic person. Probably you use the right side of your brain, so that mean you are an imaginative person. You are meticulous and creative, but you tend to be astounded by surroundings and you can easily be fooled, so you have to be a more careful. When you have to deal with a person that uses the left side of the brain, then you may find it difficult to understand and it can end up with a conflict situation.

  1. Wide Sideways.

You have a bad temper. Probably left side of your brain has been developed more, so you are a very powerful person. You can express yourself well and give the people a simple and clear impression. But, you tend to be impatient and cranky, so maybe it is a good idea to practice a little self-control from time to time. You can’t get in touch with emotional people who listen their hearts rather than their heads.

  1. 3 and 4. Form Egg (both types).

You’re a pacifist person. You’re happy and relaxed to do the things on your own rhythm. You’re sociable and when people around you are in a fight, then you are the first to act as mediator. Because of this many people like you and, compared to the othets, you get along quite well with all types of people.

  1.     Square.

You are a strong person, a leader and very skillful and courageous. You can be often very serious and people see you as leaders. However, you have a soft side that is reserved only for people nearby. 

  1. 6 and 7. Triangle. (Both normal and reverse).

You’re very smart person and you always have new ideas. You can always realize the little details in things that others cannot. People with inverted triangle can be a bit aggressive, while normal triangle types tend to be too sensitive and don’t like nosey people around them. You can be annoyed by people who are too relaxed to do things on their own step.

8. Almond.

You are very faithful and honest person. You have a bright imagination and you can be always friendly and honest with people. You are courteous and polite, but you have little tolerance and sometimes you can be in a very bad mood. When you see that something cannot be done, just cool down your head and think easy.

9. Espada.

You are ambitious and idealistic person. You won’t hesitate to work hard to achieve your goals. If there something that will help you move toward the morals, you will do it, even if it’s something you don’t like at all. But, you need to collaborate. You can be very uncomfortable with people who are too relaxed and cannot keep up with you. Maybe it will be beneficial for you to improve the ability to work in teams.

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