People Who Show Us That Walmart Is Another World Entirely

If humanity had a petri dish, it would be Walmart. You can watch people from all walks of life mingling around, doing whatever they want, as if no one was around to see them. It’s not clear what it is about Walmart that invites people to stop giving a damn but it’s sure fascinating when they do.

 Do those come with training wheels?

Those items on the top shelf are all hers now!

I don’t think that’s in the employee manual

But maybe that’s where he keeps the manual.

 Anything’s a dress if you tug hard enough

This is a life hack if I’ve ever seen one.

 I present to you – the braided mullet Because sometimes you’re feeling formal.

What’s better than wearing tights as pants?

As if wearing tights as pants in public wasn’t bad enough

You’ve gotta give her credit for telling the world what she likes.

 I think it’s sign language for “trashy”

Well what do you know, it’s actually the hand sign for electronic brand 3OH!3. You learn something new every day.

 When you look like a pro wrestler from the 80s, you might as well own it

I’d put money down he’s not wearing underwear.

Speaking of not wearing underwear

When your dress doesn’t quite cover everything

Unless the goal was to show off your thong diaper?

1) What is the Walmart TV network?
2) How can I watch it all the time?

 If Amy Winehouse was still alive today

When you can’t reach your scalp to cut your hair

Let it grooow. Let it grooow.


Once you’ve found someone you can walking around in your skivvies with, there’s no reason to keep looking.

I mean, we’ve all thought about it

But I can’t say I’ve ever seen this tried.

 When you’re an exhibitionist but you’re also low-key shy

Or maybe she’s a never nude like Tobias Funke!

 I was too distracted by the legs to notice the tail

But maybe I’m just being neigh-gative.