People Who Find These Strange White Stones Outside Their Homes Could Be In Serious Danger

Everyone would like to assume that they’re safe inside of their own homes. The truth, however, is that criminals can be found just about everywhere, and there’s no way of telling if your home is next on their hit list.

Nowadays, there’s only so much a homeowner can do to prevent their home from being burglarized. It’s as if for every new security measure invented, crooks come up with another clever way to get in.

Recently, reports have been made of a concerning new trend in home invasion, and police in England are warning that it could start spreading fast. Look at the bizarre method crooks are using to break into homes…

Everyone does their best to ensure the security of their homes. Whether that means installing the most up-to-date alarm system or even keeping a guard dog, the possibilities are endless. Now, police in Portishead, England are warning homeowners everywhere that even these prevention methods won’t work…

Recently, Portishead citizens have reported seeing an unidentified man deliver unsolicited clothing charity bags to homes in the area. Before he leaves the property, though, he places three white stones outside of the home.

“These distinctive stones are believed to have been left outside of properties which look unoccupied. This includes stones being left under rear tires of some cars, possibly to act as a test for homeowner activity at the address,” Portishead Neighborhood Watch coordinator, Nick Gough, said in an interview.

The appearance of the stones was originally believed to be in conjunction with a series of paint and chalk markings that people reported randomly appearing on their homes and curbs last year.

Those markings were, however, later determined to be the work of local utility companies. The stones still have yet to be debunked. Many people believe that they could be a signal that these homes are easily broken into and what burglars can expect to find inside.

Aside from being aware of the threat these stones may suggest, police say the public should take every possible security precaution to ensure the safety of their homes.

No matter if these stones are being used to break into people’s homes, it’s important to be aware of the possible threat. A little due diligence could mean keeping your family and belongings safe, so keep an eye out!