People Who Barely Escaped Death and Then Died Anyway

The people on this list did the unimaginable: they cheated death. But it turned out that death got back at them. We’re going to tell you the amazing stories of some unfortunate people. These cases are so horrific that they seem unreal.

Without further ado, here are the most unreal cases of people who cheated death, only to die immediately after.

1. Soldier escapes a swarm of bees, gets run over by 2 cars.


21-year-old Austin McGeough, who was a soldier stationed at Fort Campbell in Tennessee was heavily intoxicated which led him to break into a nursery. He then accidentally put his hand through a bees nest and started getting chased. His girlfriend even made a 911 call to ask for help because the swarm of bees was huge. He rushed to a nearby street to ask for help, and as a driver was pulling over to help Austin, two other cars ran over him, which led to his death.

2. Man almost drives off cliff then gets hit by a bus.

A driver from California who ultimately saved himself from falling off a cliff with his car ended up being run over by a bus and killed. He managed to escape his car that was on the edge of a cliff, however was fatally run over by a bus on the fast road moments after.

3. Woman survives plane crash, gets run over by first responders.


Ye Men Yuang, a 16-year-old plane crash survivor, laid 30 feet from the crash site injured and waiting for help. The Asiana 214 flight survivor remained in a fetal position, when ultimately a fire truck ran over her and killed her. Even though the city of San Francisco tried to blame this on the wreckage, her family sued the city for negligence.

4. Woman who escaped mall shooting dies in Aurora massacre.


The sad story of Jessica Redfield is too hard to believe it’s real. A once promising sports broadcaster with a bright future ahead of her, died in the Aurora massacre at the Dark Knight screening. A shooter entered the theater at midnight and opened fire, killing many. What’s even more shocking is that Jessica survived a mall shooting in Toronto only one month prior to this event, which she managed to escape from.

5. Woman survives 9/11, dies in a plane crash two months later.

Area of plane crash

Hilda Yolanda Mayol was one of the survivors of the tragic 9/11 attack. She worked in a restaurant on the ground floor and escaped the World Trade Center on time to save her life. Unfortunately, another tragic event would lead to her death two months later. She died in a plane crash (American Airlines Flight 587) on a trip to the Dominican Republic.

6. Woman awakes at her own funeral, dies from shock.

Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov awoke at her own funeral, after being declared dead at age 49. Her family was doing a funeral in her memory, the only thing was that she wasn’t dead (yet). While people were praying, she woke up and in an upright position started to scream. This gave her a heart attack and led to her death.

7. Basketball player skips plane crash only to die in a car crash.

Associated Press File Photo

The entire basketball team of the University of Evansville died in a plane crash in 1977. The plane crashed as fast as 90 seconds in flight. David Furr had an ankle injury and decided to not take the flight. But for Furr, death was around the corner and after two weeks he died with his brother in a tragic drunk driving accident.

8. Woman avoids club fire, dies in car crash one week later.

Jessica de Lima Rohl had put in a lot of effort into organizing a University party at a local club in Brazil. Her boyfriend however convinced her not to attend the party – which saved her life (for the time being). 223 people died in the night club due to a fire that broke out. As happy as Jessica was to be alive, she and her boyfriend would die only 1 week later in a car accident.

9. Daredevil dies after slipping on an orange peel.

Photo: Robert Leach, Library and Archives Canada

Bobby Leach was a fearless daredevil that made many life-defying stunts, like being thrown off of Niagara Falls in a barrel. Of all of the dangerous stunts that he did and could have been killed by, he somehow died by slipping on an orange peel. He suffered major complications on his leg after slipping on the peel, which led to his death a few months later.