People Now Eating Glitter Pills To Make Their Poop Sparkle

Have you ever wanted to make your poop sparkle?

No? Don’t worry, in one of the most bizarre business ideas ever concocted, an Ohio-based company is now selling glitter pills to everyone that, supposedly, makes your poop glittery.

However, the shiny pills come with a warning:

“For decoration only and not for human consumption.”

Still, people are eating them anyway for their glittery results.

How weird is that?!

But fancy pills — and the theoretical fancy feces that follow them — aren’t exactly a new idea.

In 2005, artist Tobias Wong designed 24-karat gold-leaf capsules as a critique of meaningless luxury goods. If you happen to be in the market for meaningless luxury goods, Wong’s capsules go for $425 each.

The poop glitter pills

The desired outcome