People Don’t Understand The Effects of Mirrors In This Viral Photo

I’m beginning to think we all spend way too much time surfing the internet, looking for the stupidest thing to argue about with someone. We all hide behind our profile picture or anonymous name as we overly defend our position on what color the dress was (blue and black for your information) or which way a dog would wear pants or what the answer to this math riddle is (we all claim we hate math and yet we are obsessed with this riddles. WHY PEOPLE?!) or whatever question is trending at the moment. People are just bored and as soon as they see something that needs to be solved or answered online, it is like attack of the bloggers.

The current thing people are stressing about is how many people are in this photo posted on Instagram. Doesn’t seem too complicated right? Well, apparently people don’t understand the effects of mirrors in this viral photo. I’m not kidding.

Ever since Tiziana Vergari, a Swiss photographer, posted this photo on her Instagram account last week, people have been trying to figure out how many girls are in this photograph. Vergari took this picture of young girls sitting on a bench in a room in Conthey, Switzerland as part of her Instagram hashtag project, captioning the photo as “Same but different.” #WHPIdentity are attached to photos that show individuality and users are asked to post their own photos showing their version of individuality. Sure, it is a beautiful project but that is not what people are talking about.

Let me explain to you how mirrors work, just in case you have forgotten. Mirrorsreflect things, as in, whatever is in front of the mirror will show up in a flipped reflection. Words will be backward, your face mole will switch sides, the door will move to the right side, etc.

If you have more than one mirror placed in a room, you will have this optical illusion where you see an endless array of something. That is exactly what is happening in this photo of TWO girls. Both girls are looking at themselves in mirrors across from each other, hence why it looks like there is a whole bunch of girls in the photo.

If you actually pay attention to the details in the photo, you will see that all the faces in the picture look exactly like the first two faces. Also, look at the position of their hands and the shadows of the hook on the wall. I can’t explain this to you enough–there are only two girls in the photo.

Tiziana Vergari has yet to make a comment about her viral photo and indicate how many girls she took a picture of. She probably has better things to do than to answer an obvious question. I’m sure the TWO girls are really amused by their sudden internet fame. Can we please put this photo to rest now?