People Can’t Stop Talking About This Mother’s Text To Her Daughter Who Failed

School is one of the most exciting and difficult time in someone’s life. During your time in school, you’ll start developing your character, have memorable moments, and create awesome friendships. School also introduces you to stress. Studying for tests and getting high grades is something a lot of students consistently strive for. And along the way, parents get to experience the highs and lows that go with school.

That Perfect 4.0 GPA

High schooler Hannah Cho aims to get that 4.0 GPA. She doesn’t just hope for that perfect grade, she puts in the work. So when an upcoming math test came around, she got to it. After studying hours on end, she felt that she’d be able to hit that perfect grade.

“My ultimate goal was to get the perfect GPA, a 4.0, so getting a B for me personally was unacceptable.”

Hannah was shocked. All that studying and she got a B. Getting a B was by no means a bad grade, but for Hannah who holds her grades in high regard, it was a fail.

This high schooler then did what any disappointed teen would do. She sent a Snap to her mom. Yes, you read it correctly, this mom Snapchats with her daughter.

“I don’t care if you fail your math test.”

Hannah’s mother’s response was priceless. In her response, she showed what mothers represent: unwavering love and affection. Her mother didn’t care about the grade or her GPA. She cared about her daughter’s happiness.

“She is the most powerful influence in my life and continues to love me unconditionally.”

For Hannah, this is what she needed. Not someone to put her down, but someone to comfort her. Her mom even joked that, “I care when you get hungry even if you get hungry every 2 hours.” It’s these moments when we realize how human our moms are. No matter how old we are, they care and worry about our happiness.

Keeping That Streak Alive

Hannah’s viral tweet has a lot of people talking. Most people are really glad that mothers out there are still really concerned of their child’s well being. A few users even jokingly asked about a possible adoption by this supportive mother. Yet even more people were utterly surprised Hannah’s mom used Snapchat.

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