People Are Starting To Find A Horrifying New Creature In Their Homes In America

When it comes to the creepiest things on planet earth, bugs have to take the cake. While many deep sea creatures have weird heads and faces, bugs and insects are small and have so many legs and other protruding objects.

Besides their numerous eyes and limbs, bugs can also produce a venomous bite that has the potential to kill you. This fact only adds to their creepiness. If you find a bug in bed with you, you might be traumatized or terrified for days. I remember once, a cockroach fell down off the wall and landed on my pillow. I flipped on the light and freaked out when I saw it. I’m not going to lie, I still have a roach phobia from that one incident.


But when you see the creature that this woman found in her kitchen, you’ll probably scream from on your side of the computer screen. Even though she was the one dealing with it, video of this creepy crawly being is hard enough to watch…

While this creature looks something like a tarantula, it is actually not a spider at all. But one thing is certain, this bug looks like a thing straight out of a nightmare or a horror film.

This creature is called a monkey slug caterpillar.

And it is perhaps one of the most, if not THE most, unsightly creatures on the planet. And to make matters worse, this creature lives in the continental UNITED STATES! It’s not just a creeper from Australia that you probably will never have to deal with.

If you haven’t seen one, you’re lucky. But these monkey slug caterpillars can be commonly sighted in the great outdoors. So watch out next time you go camping!

Fortunately, the monkey slug caterpillar doesn’t last forever. Since it is only part of the cycle of life for the creature, it eventually goes through a metamorphosis to become a hag moth, which is also, as the name indicates, a pretty haggish creature.

While they are terrifying to look at, these caterpillars are actually harmless to humans. That’s good news and one less thing you have to worry about if you see it in your kitchen like this woman did who filmed the video below.

If you look carefully, the caterpillar is covered with dozens of tiny hairs. These are used to sting their prey and if a human isn’t careful and gets really close to the creature, it can hurt the human skin.

Besides its hair protrusions, this creature also has furry “arms” that stick out from the body of the beast. But to make things even weirder, no one even knows what these arms’ purpose is. They can be cut off without damaging the critter. Apparently, evolution just added them to make the caterpillar look even more disgusting.