People Are Going To Walmart When Their Loved Ones Die


Walmart is one of the biggest retail stores in the US with around 4,900 stores with 1.3 million associates working at them.  But they didn’t stop there. They also have more than 6,100 stores in 26 countries outside the US.

They sell everything you could need in life from a gallon of milk to mountain bikes.  They decided they couldn’t stop there either.  They have recently expanded their products to include things to help you in the afterlife including coffins and urns.
All you have to do is head over to their website and check out the “Departments” page to find the listing for “Funeral” right between “Food” and “Furniture.”
The new line includes over 300 items.  There are coffins, urns and scattering tubes than range in price from the UrnsDirect2U Falling Leaves Token Urn for $22 urn to The Official Vatican Observatory Foundation Mahogany Casket, Immaculate Heart I for $3,799.  You can check out both of these below.
Though it is no joking matter, if you were to find yourself in a situation where more than one urn is needed, they even sell them in four packs for around $75.
Their current bestselling item is the urn shown below: Wings of Freedom Keepsake Urn.  It sells for $35 and is made of 100% brass.  It has a high gloss finish with an engraved nickel plated finish.
If you are a fan of sports in this life, you can carry that over to the afterlife with an Official Major League Baseball Casket, Oakland Athletics or an Official Major League Baseball Urn, San Francisco Giants.
Here is the Star Legacy 18-Gauge Steel Midnight Blue Deluxe Casket.
Beautiful wooden urns like the Sandra Kuck’s Rendezvous with Heaven Wood Urn shown below are also for sale at Walmart.
UrnsDirect2U Silver with Rose Heart Keepsake Urn is shown below.
This may be a strange new addition to their product line, but with coffins ranging from $2,000 for a metal, wood, fiberboard or plastic and $10,000 or more for mahogany, bronze or copper they really are giving you the deal of a lifetime.  Even urns can really set you back since they run anywhere from $85 to $1,500 or even more than that.