People Are Convinced The Queen’s Hat Is A Secret Message

Queen Elizabeth II officially opened parliament in the United Kingdom on Wednesday with a speech, but it was her outfit that made the real statement.

Scheduling conflicts led to a more casual ceremony than usual, with the queen foregoing the typical ceremonial robes and crown. Instead, the monarch wore a festive yellow and blue floral dress with a blue overcoat and a hat with blue and yellow flowers ― or are those really meant to be the stars in the flag of the European Union?

Social media appears to think so. Twitter users were quick to claim the hat’s design is really a subtle message the queen is a “remainer,” or a person who is against the U.K. leaving the European Union in Brexit.

It’s very possible that the queen, who boasts an extensive hat collection, chose the blue and yellow outfit at random and the hat is just a coincidence. She hasn’t given an opinion publicly one way or the other on Brexit, but there has been speculation she supported the vote to withdraw.

Either way, hats off to this moment, because coincidence or not, the possibility the queen was sending a subtle message makes her outfit way more fun. Check out the best reactions to her buzz-worthy topper below: