People All Over Are Starting To Put A Safety Pin On Their Shirt – If You See It Know What It Means


There are so many crazy happenings going on in the world now that it can be hard to keep track of them all with all the terrorism, immigration, refugees, and socioeconomic upheaval.  One of the most prominent happenings that has recently taken place is the successful passing of Brexit, which was when Britain left the U.K. due to many reasons that people find controversial.

While some may think this is a forward step for Britain, others do not and the tension has served as the fuel for many hate crimes that are popping up all around the country.

Foreign born U.K. residents who are living in Britain have been dealing with hate crimes and discrimination in many parts of the country, and there is little that they can do since they came there legally, and are just trying to live peacefully.

It has gotten so bad that foreign born residents don’t know who they can even trust anymore in the country, which is why one American woman living in London came up with an idea that is starting to catch on which will hopefully help those who are scared living or staying in Britain.

The idea is called #SafetyPin, which is essentially a notion that has people wear a safety pin on the side of their pants.  When they do this, it shows that they express solidarity with those who are U.K. Immigrants.

Since the Brexit Referendum, there has been a significant increase in hate crimes and people do not even feel safe going to the market anymore.  Just between June 23 and June 26, there was a 57% increase in the amount of hate crimes, which have mainly been targeted against immigrants.

The woman who only identifies herself as Allison said that she is hoping the trend will catch on quickly in order to show people that they can be safe with at least some of the people living around them.  She contacted community centers, and well known British residents that lie with her cause to help spread word about it.

Brexit has divided the country into such a split that it has caused internal turmoil, racism, and violence across the country.  It will be quite a while until things settle down but until then people like Allison are needed to keep the nation in safe hands otherwise people are going to find themselves in danger quite often.

Even people like John Oliver are warning about the dangers of Brexit and how it is negatively affecting people all around the country, not only those who are being discriminated against but those who are living in the every day community who are being negatively effected by the violence and tense environment.  People feel drab, sad, and less safe in the new social setting.  People like Allison hope that these types of ideas will help bring the country to a new level of safety and working order.

What do you think of the Brexit situation?  Do you think it is helping the nation or hurting the nation?

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