Pastor Buys A $65 Million Jet With Church Donations

Although Christ gave his own life on cross due to the love which he had for humanity, darkness is still powering our intentions. Living in a world where money is becoming the most important thing each day it passes, many are looking to find new ways of generating it, even by exploiting what is considered to be sacred. Such case is that of Creflo Dollar, a pastor who started really humble, now owing a private jet which he bought with the donations people gave to the Church he runs.

jet G650 Mr Dollar owns

Multi million dollar house the pastor owns

Being on the awake side myself I can tell there is nothing wrong with owning expensive stuff, but christ consciousness is about helping those in need, it is about living through unconditional love. What Creflo is doing is the opposite of Christ’s legacy and darkness must be exposed so our brothers and sisters realize the truth with their own eyes.

The light of Christ is our main tool which is going to help us move mother Earth to higher frequencies, it is out mission to protect it by walking our true journey and exposing the evil souls who make use of it for their own financial benefits.

Regardless of the huge amount of people who still do support Creflo Dollar as their preacher of the word of God, the exploit of Church’s donations is a sin which is not accepted by anyone who has the Christ consciousness within them. Those who respect him for the lessons which the pastor shares with the world must take a look at the lifestyle he is living and ask themselves the following question.

Is the pastor living through the God’s word or is he just using it to exploit true believers and rip them off?

So dear brothers and sisters, do not get fooled by the wolf which comes in sheep clothes. Connect to your true selves, ask God for wisdom and see the world with your own eyes. While the rich pastor flies in his own jet, millions of people struggle to put food on their tables. His work has nothing to do with the philosophy of Jesus,  so please do not follow him as he may use you by projecting his evil thoughts into you.

The following is an interview of Mr Dollar in his own private jet. Feel free to watch it and analyze the answers for yourself.